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This IS Our is a charter of The Langenfeld Foundation. A 501 (C) 3 orginization.

Raffle Extended

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We originally started our raffle in July 2014. We were scheduled to appear at 6 major events that year. Our first appearance was at the Lakeville Pan-O-Prog 2014 summer festival. We recieved so much postitivity from the community that it gave us serious hope that the following events would be just as sucsessful.

Sadly, on July 21st 2014, Joes mother Marilyn passed away unexpectedly. As with any loss of a loved one, the greiving process can be difficult. In order for our foundation (and its mission) to suceed, we need to fire on all cylinders. At the time, Marilyn played a huge supporting roll in our foundation. So between Joe needing time to grieve and the void created by the loss of Marilyn herself, we felt it best to delay any further promotions.

This forced us to have to withdrawl from 4 of the major events we were scheduled to attend and we subsequently failed to meet our ticket sales goals.