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This IS Our is a charter of The Langenfeld Foundation. A 501 (C) 3 orginization.

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Who we are and why we need your help

Paul Langenfeld


The Langenfeld Foundation

Joe Hendricks

President & CEO

Hauling for Hope Inc.


This Is Our

Here at THIS IS OUR we pride ourselves on helping those in need. But we need your help to make that possible. Like many other charities, we strongly believe in working hard for every penny we recieve. The difference is we take no government funding. Through our partnership with Hauling for Hope inc. we are able to sustain our day to day operations. But some missions require just a little bit more in order to be sucessful. Thats where your kind donations come in.

Every year hundreds of returning soldiers are left in the cold homeless, jobless, and left to deal with the horrors of war. With your help we can take the steps that will bring us closer to putting an end to all of that through our transitional programs.

If you're planning on giving this year, please give to THIS IS OUR Your $20 dollar donation not only helps those in need, but you may win a magnificent prize while you're at it.

Keyth Hendricks

Kevin Sweeney

Office Manager